From small things,  great dinners can grow…

One month into having a patch of mud to call my own! At sowing time too, but it’s been a slow start. Moving to the mud (and accompanying flat) was chaotic, and I get in trouble if I don’t go to work…

So I’ve compromised – a little less ambition with what I’ll try to plant, and a plan to finish unpacking in the winter. Some green things are now appearing and I am beginning to imagine them in Autumn’s dinners.


squash of unknown potential

This is the first squash to emerge from a packet of mixed seeds, so I don’t know which of  ten possibilities he will turn into yet.  I have a hunch he might be butternutty. But I made pictures of each seed, so in future years I expect that I will only have to glance at a squash seed to be able to tell you what it can do.

He’s not really right-leaning; it’s just a phase he went through.

In the background you may just be able to spot purple basil and padron peppers doing their thing.

Sudden growth pending

Sudden growth pending

And two chillies, a gift from the lovely Ruth upon my finally moving to a flat with outside space and natural light.  Though these little things still lean over all day in pursuit of as much sun as they can get. I wonder whether if I videoed it and then sped it up, it would look like they were gyrating their seedling hips? They’ve taken a while to get their first proper leaves, but I think they’re going to go for it now.