Those without glasshouses can throw stones

Those without glasshouses can throw stones

Here’s an in-progress shot of the mini-greenhouse I’m trying to fashion out of repurposed materials.

It’s an old set of shelves (8 yrs of use, working out at approximately £1.25 a year), that I don’t need any more and so has been in pieces for the last three months. And just the right depth for seed trays!

I removed the middle shelf and most of the slats on the top-shelf (the middle one in the picture is removable). I then found some nails of an inappropriate length in the bottom of my tool-box, and bodged a few of the spare pieces together to create a roof-frame. Somehow managed to do this at just the wrong time for my neighbour’s piano practise.

My craftsman brother is not allowed to examine this, or he will have bad dreams.

So far, I’ve tacked some bubble-wrap along the back, which is against a wall. The next step is to reclaim some clear plastic for the other sides, though I might need to expand the skeleton to give whatever I find some more support.

The plan is that this will allow me to propagate a lot more seedlings at one time – and will be a more satisfactory arrangement than taking over the kitchen with pots of mud – a kitchen which really doesn’t get quite enough light anyway. And maybe it will allow me to get away with some rather late sowing too.

That is, assuming I ever get any further with it…  Anyone throwing away clear plastic in West London? I shall ask freecycle.