I’ve noticed some rather impassioned debate on garden design and criticism in the blogosphere recently.*

So I mused on the nature and purpose of it all. But I only had a spare  minute or so, and spent most of that thinking about how much I like mud and worms. That only left a few seconds to acknowledge that I very much admire beautifully designed gardens that are in tune with their landscape and their history – and those who strive to create them  (while trying not to think ‘yes it’s art, but can I eat it?’). Dear reader, I feared I would not be able to offer any resolution.

But I may have found the answer. I hope the link below offers something to unite everyone: a creation that involves a variety of flowers and edibles, a clever mix of hard and soft landscaping and a good dose of dung. Vitally, it is one which recognises that ‘visual effect is of crucial importance’ and where  ‘competition is intense’:

Actually it seems it may all come down to showing off and getting some.


* For raging debate try here, here and here. I don’t really want any raging debate. If you’re feeling like that, why not watch the rest of the BBC programme Life, which this clip is from, as an anecdote.  There’s Grebe courtship to bring a tear to your eye, while penguins falling over made me giggle (then feel a bit guilty).