Have been a bit slack with the blogging lately. Which will probably lead to a veritable outpouring of out-of-season mush in a couple of weeks when I have more free time. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

For now, I’m unhealthily excited about soon having time to finally get garlic planted and ordering more plants which are totally inappropriate for a temporary pot garden. Of course, it’s dark most of the time now, so I think I’ll also be spending a bit of time inside with a nice glass of something and a movie. He-who-lives-with-me is a big film geek, but somehow I never seem to fancy anything in his collection. Which got me thinking about what I might like to watch…

Here’s the start of a wishlist.

  • Germinator 3: The Rise of the Greens
  • Courgette Carter
  • Die Chard
  • Wrong Turnip
  • Corn of the Dead
  • Dead Mango Walking
  • Out of Lime
  • Pumpkindergarten Cop
  • Planet of the Grapes
  • The French Bean Connection
  • Bean Streets
  • The Podfather
  • Gourd of the Rings: The Two Bowers
  • Strawberry Dogs
  • Mouli Rouge
  • The men who stare at oats

Any more recommendations?