Here goes my GBBD virginity…

They’re mainly veg, because that’s what I grow.

Aubergine, Nest Of Eggs

Aubergine, Nest Of Eggs. They're a bit late, but I'm still hoping for fruit

Aubergine flowers, Violetta Lunga

Aubergine, Violetta Lunga: These are fruiting well - long purple sausages - but still plenty more flowers.

scarlet marigolds

What! A flower that won't bear fruit? What's the use of that? The marigolds flower on and on, have kept the aphids off my veg and made the merry little bees buzz with joy, so they're allowed



These make me smile and I can eat the seeds, if other beasts don't get there first

And these will give me soothing camomile tea, in a fruitless bid to make me sleep at the same time as normal people


Lastly, greenfly bait, spicy salad ingredient, and potential caper substitute, if I ever get round to pickling after picking. Though I also want to leave as many of the scarlet flowers as possible to seed.

collecting raindrops

Collecting raindrops: I have to confess to having probably broken the rules, and will most likely be disqualified. While these plants were all flowering this morning, the pictures were not taken today - because it was dark when I got home, and this was happening

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