Large cabbage white laying eggs

"these are flowers that fly and all but sing"

A reminder to net the rest of my purple sprouting broccoli!

But I’m glad I haven’t got round to it; it was so fascinating watching this Large White check out my garden, using her feet to taste the different plants until she found what she was looking for: my PSB! Then she settled to lay little clusters of pointy yellow eggs, bending her tail round to pipe them out on to the underside of the leaves – a bit like icing a cake.

Two  of my four pots are already netted (incompetently, but enough to deter a casual butterfly or pigeon), and I’ve covered the soil around them to avoid cabbage root fly (just with cardboard with a slit cut around the plant stem), but I got distracted before finishing the job. As this is the first of my winter crops that I’ve managed to get in – and my favourite – I’m not prepared to hand it over to very hungry caterpillars. So now I’ll need to scrape the eggs off too: an extra  job, but a  small price to pay for the chance to admire this impressive lady.