It seems I got ahead of myself when I concluded, after slugs were followed by pigeons, that the next visitor would be an orc.

The missing link was next door’s (fat, spoiled) cat. How indulged the feline fiend is might seem irrelevant but it fuels my ire somehow.

Enemy troops mobilise

Enemy troops mobilise

The good news was that the pigeon lost interest after I hid my smaller seedlings between more established plants and inserted some wooden skewers at strategic points in the pots. In fact, the plants that weren’t pecked to the ground have been shooting with renewed vigour, so perhaps the pigeon is actually the gardener’s friend? Still think I might net my tiny blueberries though.

Anyway, turns out the cat is next in the food chain, and while not interested in eating seedlings, it did decide my freshly planted seed-bed was a litter-tray and left some fragrant deposits.

In response I’ve tried again to block its exit points – though unfortunately next-door has provided it with a convenient staircase to the top of the fence and the cat has spider-powers. Astonishing seeing something so rotund scale a vertical fence. (That’s its move after it’s lost the war of the stare).

I also sprinkled orange peel in the bed: apparently they can’t stand the smell. I’m not convinced it will work but doing something made me feel better. (Although I’m still tempted to offer the offending deposits to my neighbours. We’ve not met yet….)

At least it allows me to see a bright side to the succession of torrential rain showers we’ve had in London in the last couple of days – even if my potatoes and tomatoes all get blight, I don’t think cats like to poo in swamps. (Oh, and some relief from the curse of the container gardener – definitely no watering needed!)

Anyway, while I needed to get that out of my system, I hope that’s my last pestiferious beasties post for a while, as most plants are growing too furiously for any beasties to have the slightest impact. And I’ve been thinking that I should try to create the impression that I can grow something other than garden pests…